What is a traffic source? How can I declare/add a traffic source?

What is a traffic source?

A traffic source is a general term to describe your mobile app or mobile site. In other words, you need to create a traffic source for each cases:

Publisher account type: mobile application, mobile site and any other traffic sources you wish to promote Cheetah Media Link's campaigns on.

Media Buyer account type: CPC Ad Networks, DSPs platforms, RTB platforms, direct sources and any other traffic sources you wish to promote Cheetah Media Link's campaigns on.

Ad Networks account type: your network site.

Our platform requires that you declare your source of traffic (as a "traffic source") before you promote any campaigns. This is mandatory. Since your traffic sources will be reviewed, we encourage you to fill-in as much information as possible as well as accurately as possible. Having quality traffic sources that are well filled in helps us recommend you for some of our exclusive campaigns and it is one of the pre-requisites to help you grow your Publisher account.

Moreover, having different traffic sources allows you to track your campaigns “by traffic source” which can be very useful to distinguish between the performance of your various sources of traffic. 


How can I declare/add a traffic source?

 You need to login and click on the thumbnail “Traffic Sources” (http://dashboard.mobpartner.com/a/#!/en/publisher/service/list) then on "Add a new traffic source" on the right-hand side.


A list of options is displayed, please select the one that best describes your traffic source. This is important. Then fill-in as much information about your traffic source as possible. Accuracy is key as we review every traffic source.


Traffic source reviewal may take up to 2 business days, however some traffic sources may require a more in-depth review and may take longer to assign a status. 

Please rest assured that our reviewal teams will set a status as quickly as possible.


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