What is a pool? When should I use pools?

A "pool" is synonymous with 'ad carousel' or 'ad rotator'.  It is a place where you can put all the campaigns that you would like to promote.  In turn, our adserver will match the most relevant campaigns with your global traffic. This is done by matching the users' targeting points with the campaigns in your pool.  If you have a mobile site or application, this option is highly recommended as it yields the best results.

You now have the option of automatic pool optimization or manual optimization.

For automatic pool optmization, campaigns with the highest eCPC are shown more often than those with relatively lower eCPC for the relevant traffic

For manual optimization, you are managing the optimization yourself.


 Here is how you create and populate a pool:

  1. Create a pool in the tab "Sites&apps" by clicking on "create a new pool"



2. Click on the link "manage" of the desired pool



3. Select the countries you are interested in and choose the campaigns you want to add to your pull clicking on the button "Add to pool".



4.Fetch your Cheetah Media Link link, HTML code or API code in order to integrate the pool to your site/app.



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