Where can I download the MobSDK for Android or iPhone?

The MobSDK provides you a simple way to integrate Cheetah Media Link ads into mobile applications on the Android and iOS platform. At the same time, thanks to the authomatic pool system, it will help you monetize your apps more effectively.

Before integrating the SDK into your application you should be sure Cheetah Media Link provided you the Pool ID.

Where to find the MobSDKs?

After having logged into the publisher area you will find the SDKs buttons at the top of your Traffic Source page :

How to download the MobSDKs?

When clicking on the SDK link, you will be re-directed to the Cheetah Media Link dedicated page in Github. Here you will have access to both SDKs and to the implementation manual. This tool will also give you full visibility regarding updates and/or new releases.


Download here the MobSDK for Android

Download here the MobSDK for iOS



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