How do I promote a campaign on my mobile traffic sources?

When you have chosen a campaign that you would like to promote, you need to:

  • Subscribe to the campaign through your relevant registered Traffic Source
  • When your traffic source has been reviewed and validated, you can start subscribing to your campaigns 
  • Make sure to familiarize yourself with all the restrictions for this campaign, which should be reflected in your targeting. All need to be respected.


  • Make sure you review carefully the campaign T&C's before accepting. Failure to abide by the T&C's will result in reversal of funds and may lead to termination of your Cheetah Media Link account.



  • You need to download the relevant creatives or find the links to all the creatives that you want to use (for each creative it's a URL that starts with
  • The link that you need to supply as the “target URL” can be found in the "campaigns" page then clicking on "promote it" for the campaign in question. Your target URL should start with See below:
  • You can now use your creatives and target URL to promote your campaign. You can also append a subid or tid (in the form &subid=anything_you_want) to your target URL for your own tracking purposes. (For more subid information please click in here)

  • Finally if you want to promote one of our campaigns by inserting a piece of HTML code, you can find it on the campaigns "promote it" page (displayed above). You simply have to choose the type of creatives that you would like to see displayed and then copy/paste the appropriate code where you want the ad to appear on your site. For exemple, if you want a banner to be displayed, then please select "banner HTML".

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