What are SubIDs? How do I use them?

Cheetah Media Link allows you to use "SubID" parameter to track your traffic on your campaigns. You can use it on links, images and pools. It can also be used for a/b testing and split-testing purposes.


To use a SubID , append “…&subid=anythinyouwant” to any Cheetah Media Link URL. Your SubID needs to be written using standard alphanumerical characters. If you have many data points to track using SubIDs, we recommend that you separate them using “_”. You can then split them easily in a spreadsheet

For a link: http:// c.cheetahmedialink.mobi/?s=[...]&subid=anything_you_want
For an image: http:// r.cheetahmedialink.mobi/?s=[...]&subid=anything_you_want
For a pool: http:// r.cheetahmedialink.mobi/?pool=[...]&subid=anything_you_want
For the pool with API access, you have to add &subid=SUBID_EXAMPLE at the end of the url "api.cheetahmedialink.mobi"


If you need to pass a unique value for each click, please use tid1 instead (&tid1=anythingyouwant).


You can pull reports by SubID in our “Statistics” page by ticking the “all” box for SubID.


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