What is a callback URL? How can I set it up?

Cheetah Media Link affiliates can set up a callback URL (or postback URL) that our server will call each time a transaction from one of their user is made. This URL can contain different parameters that can be used to track the user.

Callbacks URL can be called for transaction creation, validation and/or refusal. The callback can be set up for a specific campaign inside a traffic source and/or for all campaigns of a traffic source.


You can setup a callback URL for the traffic sources with the following parameters:

[=tid1=][=tid2=] …[=tid6=] Some tracking ID that you will send with the parameter &tid1= or &tid2=...
[=subid=] The SubID that you will send with the parameter &subid= to categorize the click.
[=order_id=] The unique ID of the transaction
[=timestamp=] The timestamp of the transaction
[=country=] The country ISO (2 letters) of the transaction
[=ip=] The IP address of the end user
[=useragent=] The UserAgent of the end user
[=payout=] The payout value of the transaction, for example 0.80
[=currency=] The currency of the transaction, for example USD
[=idfa=] The iPhone IDFA of the end user
[=androidid=] The Android ID of the end user
[=gaid=] The Google ID of the end user
[=udid=] The iPhone UDID of the end user
[=campaign_id=] The ID of the campaign
[=action_id=] The ID of the action
[=service_id=] The ID of the service
[=brand=] The brand of the device
[=model=] The model of the device
[=os=] The Operating System of the device
[=osversion=] The OS version of the device
[=operator=] The operator of the end user
[=actiontype=] The type of the action (CPL, CPS, ...)

More parameters and the complete documentation are available in the PDF file available here.

Example of a callback:

http://www.yourserver.com/ callback.php?tid1=[=tid1=]&uid=[=order_id=]&timestamp=[=timestamp=]&country=[=country=]&ip=[=ip=]&useragent=[=useragent=]&sid=[=subid=]&payout=[=payout=]&currency=[=currency=]&campaign_id=[=campaign_id=]

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