How to track iOS and Android campaigns?

iOS tracking

Several iOS campaign requires that you provide a device ID. On the left hand side of the campaign description, you will find a list of device ID in a block. The deviceID can be: Fingerprint, Mac Address, IDFA or several others that are less common. For more information about iOS device id, click here.



“Fingerprint” means you can just use the tracking link without anything specific. If another device ID is mentioned, you need to fill in the corresponding parameter with the value.

For example, if the campaign has “Mac Address” as a tracking solution, the link will have “&macaddress=” appended to it. You need to fill it with the value of the mac address of the user like so: &macaddress=00-11-22-AB-CD-78

Android tracking

Android campaigns can have the same requirement with the addition of the device ID specific to Android called Google Advertising ID. This will be specified in the description of the campaign too.



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