I sent a lot of traffic to an offer and I get no transactions! Why is that?

This even happens to the best affiliates, especially while testing a campaign. So what are the possible causes of such low conversion rates:

  • The traffic source does not react positively to the campaign, its creatives and targeting. Depending on a campaign it takes between 300-800 clicks to evaluate the potential of any campaigns. The secret is to test, test, test. If your tests or split-tests were rigourously conducted and were not satisfactory, then stop the campaign and move on to testing a new one.
  • The wrong target URL is used. Make sure that its format looks something like this: http://c.afftrx.com/?s=1369949&idfa=
  • The wrong country is being targeted 
  • The campaign has been terminated or paused
  • There are technical issues. If you suspect that it is the case, please contact the account manager of the campaign with as many details as possible. You can find his/her contact details on the campaign description page in a box on the left-hand side.
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