How can I monetize my desktop traffic with MobBridge?

What is MobBridge?

MobBridge is a tool that redirects desktop users to the mobile platform via a customized landing page. This solution is active on some of our Android & iPhone CPI campaigns.

How to start using MobBridge?

You can find the MobBridge link on the “Promote it” campaign page, under the “MobBridge” tab. 

The implementation is easy as the URL link doesn't differ from the overall campaign Target URLs, this means that our system will automatically recognize the desktop traffic and serve the MobBridge page to the user.


You also have the choice to preview the MobBridge landing page that will be displayed to users.




MobBridge User flow:

  • Desktop users click on Cheetah Media Link link
  • The users get redirected to a dedicated web landing page
  • They will have the option to either scan the QR code or enter their email address
  • The scan or the email click will redirect the users to the Google Play or App Store
  • User installs and launches the app on mobile
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