How do I set up conversion tracking with Buzzcity? (callback URL)

We have negociated a partnership with Buzzcity to have the callback URL track
“transactions” directly in the Buzzcity reporting dashboard. Here are the steps to
follow to quickly set it up:

  • Go to
  • select buzzcity as your service (top right)
  • Click on “display”
  • Leave to ALL campaigns under “campaign selected”
  • Fill- in the Partner ID and MD5 Hash from your Buzzcity account. Then click OK
    • You Partner ID is the 5-digit number present next to your account name in Buzzcity
    • Your MD5 Hash can be found in the Buzzcity dashboard by clicking on “advertiser” then “settings”. The code is found at the bottom of the page.
  • Copy/paste the link that was generated under one of the four options present. Typically you would want to know “when the transaction is created”.

You’re done, you will now see the transactions generated directly in Buzzcity

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