How do I set up conversion tracking on Jumptap? (callback URL)

In order to set up a callback URL with Jumptap to track conversions directly
inside Jumptap’s dashboard, you need to:

  1. Login to you Cheetah Media Link account and go to: 
    1.  select the desired service at the top right: “mediabuying” or “jumptap”
    2. Click on “display”
    3. Leave to ALL campaigns under “campaign selected” – unless you want to set one up for a specific campaign.
    4. Create your callback with Jumptap’s following GET parameters coupled with our own tracking parameters displayed on the page. You can find Jumptap’s parameters here: and our own on the page you were on in Cheetah Media Link.
    5. If you want to track the number of transactions and their respective payout, you should copy paste the following link under one of the four options available. Typically you would want to know “when the transaction is created”.
    6.[=payout=]&units=1&jtreqid=[=tid=]requently Asked Questions
  2. Make sure to append &tid=JT_REQID at the end of all your target URL. Moreover, make sure to also select “yes” to Jumptap’s setup question “Append tracking parameters to destination url?”
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