What is a mobile adnetwork

“A mobile ad network is a company that connects advertisers to mobile sites or applications that want to host advertisements”
In the context of mobile media buying, an adnetwork is a PPC or CPC network. Adnetworks allow media buyers to buy clicks on a CPC or CPM basis. Moreover, mobile adnetworks offer the advertiser (“you”, the media buyer) many targeting options, which can slighty vary from one to another.

Keywording vs no keywording

Some mobile adnetworks give advertiser a unique targeting option called keywording. It allows advertisers to hyper-target the content and search content on which his ads will appear using keywords of his/her choice.

Payment is not only tied to the geography targeted but on the keyword that used. The more that specific keyword is in demand for the audience targeted, the higher the cost of the keyword.

Google Adwords is the largest and most reputable mobile keyword adnetwork. It falls under the category of keywording.

There are 3 Distinctive Types of Mobile AdNetworks:


  1. Blind Networks
    The largest (in terms of overall publisher traffic), the cheapest (in terms of CPC) and the most wildly used by media buyers worldwide. One does not know on which sites or apps his/her advertising will be displayed. Nonetheless, most blind networks allow to target by content category. Buzzcity, Jumptap, MobFox, Adfonic and InMobi are examples of Blind networks.

  2. Premium Blind Networks
    They are similar to blind networks in the fact that most of their traffic is blind yet it is more expensive since the quality of the content it appears on is guaranteed. Very few media buyers use those adnetworks because of the high CPC. Those networks should nonetheless be considered for specific campaigns where the media buyer feels that quality content can considerable help conversions. Millenial Media is an example

  3. Premium Networks
    Those networks are not relevant for mediabuying as their traffic can only be accessed at high prices with high minimum spending obligations. This is relevant for large brands only.
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