How can I get paid? How do I request a payment?

To be paid, you need to request a payment on our platform.

You can request a payment every 30 days.

To do so, please log into your account, go to your "Account", then to "Payment".


Before requesting a payment, please make sure that your payment details are correct.

If not, please get in touch with, they will correct those bank details for you.






Account: Select the account where you would like to receive your payment:

- PayPal: For payments between USD 50.00 and USD 500.00.

- Bank Wire: For payments above USD 500.00.


Amount: Select the currency (USD or EUR) in which you would like to be paid and write the amount for which you would like to receive payment.

The amount must be inferior or equal to your account balance.



- If you are registered as an individual, you can either upload your invoice or choose the self-invoice option.

If you choose the self-invoice option, our system will generate an invoice for you.

- If you are registered as a company, please upload your invoice.

- The total amount on your invoice must match the amount you requested.

- If you want to request a payment for several invoices, please gather them into a single PDF file and request a payment for the total amount.


To confirm

Click on "Ask for a payment". You will then receive an email confirming that your payment request was received.

If you did not receive this email, please get in touch with


Payment methods

By PayPal / MoneyBookers: Minimum 50$, Maximum 500$

By Bank Wire: Minimum 500$


Payment date

We will send your payment 30 days after you requested a payment on our platform.

Please note that:

- Paypal payments are usually processed on Fridays,

Please note that:

- Paypal payments are usually processed on Fridays,

- International wire transfers (bank wires) can only be processed on business days.
If your payment is planned to be processed on a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday, it will be sent on the next business day.
Also, please allow a few days before the funds actually reach your bank account.



MobPartner's billing address

MobPartner  SAS

VAT No: FR 76484374533

91 Avenue Ledru-Rollin

75011 Paris



Important notes

Your bank account must be owned by you: your beneficiary name on your bank details must be the same as your affiliate account name.

We will not pay another person, even if they are part of your family.

We will not pay a company if you are registered as an individual.

We will not pay an individual if you are registered as a company.


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