Campaign feed generator

The Campaign Feed provides you with a list of all your validated campaigns for your Services and your Pools. You can retrieve the target URL to promote each campaigns/applications from this list.

The Feeds are updated every hour, so there is no need to call them more often.


key Your API key (Mandatory) can be found here:
output xml, json (Default: xml)


displayCategory Campaign Categories 
allowed values: 0, 1
displayPlatform Campaign Platforms 
allowed values: 0, 1
displayScreenshot Campaign Screenshots 
allowed values: 0, 1
displayAction Campaign Actions 
allowed values: 0, 1
displayPayout Campaign Payouts 
allowed values: 0, 1
displayCreativesPack Campaign Creatives Packs 
allowed values: 0, 1
displayCreative Campaign Creatives 
allowed values: 0, 1
displayIncent Campaign Incent Restriction
allowed values: 0, 1

By default, all dislay parameters have a value of 0. 
For specific iOS campaigns, you will need to dynamically append some parameters like UDID, Mac Address, OpenUDID... to the click URLs.



empty, FR, ES, FR-ES 
The ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 code is used.
You can get the full country list here
examples: &country=US, &country=FR, &country=IN,(...)
You can use &country=ALL if you want a full breakdown by country
To add multiple values, separate each with "-". For example: &filterCountry=FR-ES-UK

filterApplicationLanguage empty, FR, ES, FR-ES
The ISO 639-1 code is used.
You can get the full country list here

By default, all filter parameters have an empty value.


To implement our campaign feed, please refer to the complete documentation available in pdf here.


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