AdServer API

1. How to use our Adserving API?

The Cheetah Media Link Adserving API is a simple GET HTTP API that gives you the possibility to request Advertisement Unit (or simply AdUnits) to Cheetah Media Link and display it into your mobile site and/or application.

These advertisements can be displayed through different AdUnits. Please refer to section 1.2 for a description of each AdUnits.

To use Cheetah Media Link Adserving API, you can use one of the following three methods:
• A simple direct link to a fixed banner and campaign for quick HTML integration
• An expert API mode for complex results using all API parameters available
• Direct AdUnits specific URLs for easy xHTML results integration

Each method has its own set of parameters but also use common parameters. Please refer to the complete documentation [[LINK]] for corresponding list of parameters.

2. What do you need before starting using our Adserving API?

The first thing you need to do, as a Cheetah Media Link affiliate, is to get a valid POOL id from the Cheetah Media Link back office.

It will be required for every request you will send using the Cheetah Media Link Adserving API.

A POOL is basically a collection of campaigns you wish to promote on your mobile site and/or application. To create one, go to the Cheetah Media Link Publisher backoffice, go to Traffic sources tab and then click on Create a new Pool.

3. How to implement our API.

To implement our API, please refer to the complete documentation available in pdf here.

Of course, should you encounter any issue or have any specific question, feel free to contact our tech support to discuss the matter.

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