How do I sign up and get started?

How do I sign up?

We are eager to start working with you and we will need to review your traffic sources. For that reason and as a first step we will need you to register for an account via:

Please create an account based on what best refers to your traffic sources.

  • Publisher:  If you own a Mobile Application or Mobile site and you wish to promote Cheetah Media Link's campaigns within these traffic sources.
  • Media Buyer: If you purchase traffic, ad spaces, placements etc. to promote MobPartner's campaigns on these ad spaces.
  • Ad Network: If you own a Mobile Network of Publishers and you would like to promote Cheetah Media Link's campaigns on your Publisher's traffic sources.

The following video tutorial explains step by step how to sign up and declare your service on our platform.

Getting started

As part of your registration - step 2 and 3 - you will be adding your traffic source and after reviewed you will be ready to launch your first campaign. 

  1. You can begin monetizing your mobile traffic by creating a traffic source and declaring your traffic source under "Traffic Sources" page. All traffic sources are reviewed before you can launch any campaigns. (
  2. When validated you will be able to subscribe to the campaigns that you want to promote (

All campaigns/traffic sources are validated manually and reviewal time period may take up to 2 business days, however some campaigns/traffic sources may require a more in-depth review and may take longer to assign a status.

Please rest assured that our reviewal teams will set a status as quickly as possible.

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